About Us

A brief historic overview of the SABPP

The Human Resource (HR) function is at the heart of all organisations in ensuring the achievement of business goals. This internationally recognised profession, more than any other, is responsible for transformation, sourcing, skills development and retaining talent and ensuring productive work relationships.

The SABPP’s role is to professionalise the HR function to ensure that HR becomes an increasingly recognised and respected profession. The Board is an accredited ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance body) under the NQF Act and Skills Development Act. The SABPP was established in 1982, so the SABPP was set up as an autonomous body to be the standards and professional registration body for the HR profession. Over the last 41 years, the SABPP has registered more than 10 000 HR Professionals on five different levels of professionalism. In 2002 SABPP was recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority as an ETQA and in 2011 as a professional body. In 2013, SABPP made history by developing the world’s first national HR Standards, followed in 2014 by an HR Audit Framework.

Moreover, the HR Competency model developed by SABPP provides a clear description of the competencies needed by HR Professionals.

Therefore, HR Standards, HR Audits, Competencies and Quality Assurance constitute the fundamental building blocks for professionalising HR Practice in South Africa.

Meaning for SABPP | Colour Representation

Our beautiful African sunsets put light on the work we do. Orange is symbolic of our strength and endurance.

Our rich red blood makes us human. Red symbolises our courage, action and determination to champion the HR profession. While we our transforming ourselves to a high impact professional body, red emphasises the continuation of the SABPP legacy and our heritage given our 30 years of sustainability.

The dark brown or tan colour constitutes the Africa soil where SABPP’s roots are firmly planted – a rich past and a solid future as a united community of HR professionals on the African continent

Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. As HR professionals we bring a warming effect to work places, we arouse cheerfulness, stimulate mental activity and unleash the potential and energy of people in pursuit of business objectives.

Our logo

Making the transition from the previous logo that was traditional and stern to depict mainly our professional registration and quality assurance roles, the new brand represents a modern, vibrant and dynamic look and feel to illustrate the new role and strategy of SABPP.   However, SABPP still ensured that the new brand integrates its two major roles, and that is quality assurance of learning according to our SAQA mandate as an ETQA, but also the standard-setting role of the HR professional body.  The tagline “setting HR standards” encompasses both the professional body and learning quality assurance roles of SABPP.  In terms of our new growth model, the “SA” now represents a stronger focus on Southern Africa as a region in view of the increased interest from HR professionals in neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland.  In time, and building on relationships currently being established the SA may even constitute Sub-Saharan Africa.  Thus, we are celebrating our South African focus, but extending our footprint much wider, while also being mindful of a growing number of South African expatriates and other professionals continuing doing excellent HR work throughout the world.


Building on the historic colours, the new colour coding is remarkably similar to celebrate our heritage, yet the colour palet is repositioned in a new and refreshing way to highlight a dynamic approach to transforming the SABPP brand.