Membership FAQs 

How do I become a member?

- create a profile and complete the online form, once you receive the automated click login and apply for professional membership or   Click Here 

2.     How much is it to become a member ?

-       Membership fees varies depending on the professional level. We have five professional levels.

Click Here

3.     What are the requirements to register? 

There are three requirements that need to be met before a professional level is approved.

  • Completed HR/ HR Related Qualifications
  • Level of Work
  • Relevant Working Experience

Contact for further assistance.

4. What are the required documents? 

  • Recently certified copy of HR/ HR Related qualification ( 2 highest qualifications) SAQA letter to accompany all international qualifications 
  • Recently certified copy of ID/ Passport
  • Detailed CV 
  • Organisational chart /Organogram ( from  HR Professional and above) 

5.   I have not paid my membership fees for the past two years

 You may either re-register or back pay the outstanding fees. For more info contact

6.    How much is it to renew my membership fees?

Click Here to find our 2023 membership fees.

7.     Where can I find the list of SABPP accredited institutions?

Click Here to find a list of our accredited training providers/accredited universities    

8. I applied for HR Associate, Professional, Chartered or Master Professional membership and come from an SABPP accredited institution do I have to write the board exam level 1?

You will be exempted from writing board exam 1 however board exam 2 is compulsory for Chartered HR Professional and Master HR Professional for more information Click here

9. How do I login ?

     Click here 

10.     If i register today, and later improve my qualifications, experience and level of work can I upgrade my membership? 

 Yes, please log into your profile and click on the upgrade tab to apply, once payment of R1 000 non refundable fee has been made an independent committee of Senior HR Practitioners process the application and will approve at the appropriate level.   

11.     I have acquired experience for more than 10 years but do not have a formal qualification can I still be a member?

We encourage members to apply for our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Click Here 

12.     How do I update my details? 

Please login and update your details or contact retention

13.   I want my membership certificate

Login to your profile and click on ‘certificate’ tab 


You are most welcome to visit our website on or by contacting any of our friendly staff members.

Contact details are as follows: Switchboard +27 11045 5400 or