HR Research 

HR Research

We have a long history of facilitating, growing, and sharing HR research. This is through our HR Research Initiative and various academic and industry partners. We develop and foster the partnerships and ecosystem for HR research by continually bridging academia and industry, showcasing and making accessible research to HR practitioners and industry broadly, and ensuring the people profession remains relevant. This aims to make the body of HR knowledge accessible, relevant, and rigorous.


The HRM System Standards Model, that was developed by the SABPP in consultation with the broader HR community,

codifies the body of HR knowledge and provides a shared and standardised vocabulary and framework.

Recent Publications 

We curate and share abstracts of recent research to broaden the HR community’s access to, and engagement with, the growing body of knowledge. This ensures that our members and their knowledge and practices remain current. It does not imply an endorsement or support of the research and its findings. We ask that you critically evaluate the research and your own perspectives.