Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

SABPP aims to sustain the HR profession through the creation of a culture of continuous professional development (CPD) and ensuring that all registered professionals maintain their competence and professionalism.

CPD is based on the following principles

  • An understanding among practitioners of the importance of continued professional development in the promotion of HR professionalism in South Africa.
  • There is an ethical obligation on HR practitioners to regularly enhance their professional competence through CPD, as stated in the SABPP Code of Ethics.
  • CPD should complement and update, but not replace, knowledge and skills gained through initial education in HR practices.
  • CPD is based on the SABPP HR Competency Model.
  • CPD is based on various forms of learning, including formal and non-formal activities, covering theory, practical, workplace or actual demonstrated abilities.

CPD Cycle and Effective date of the new CPD
The CPD cycle will be from January to December every year.
New members will have to fully comply by next January following their date of joining.
New CPD comes into effect as of the 1st of January 2022.
For the year 2022 the minimum requirements are proportionally reduced to consider the effective date of the launch.

CPD Points per Designation

1 Hour = 1 CPD Point

Tabulated below are Activities for earning CPD points

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Uploading of CPD

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Non Compliance
A member is required to obtain the minimum CPD requirements per annum, as set out for the various professional designations.

However, in case a member does not obtain the minimum requirement in a year, they are allowed a two-year cycle within which the member must obtain twice the annual requirement.

  CPD comes into effect as of the 1st of January 2022.