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HR Audit

HR Audit Overview

The SABPP HR Audit Unit is the first in the world

It was launched in August 2014 and was one of the milestones in the National HRM Standard’s journey which was initiated by the SABPP. It offers an independent HR Audit Service which benchmarks companies against the 13 HR Management System Standards, providing external verification of the quality of an organisation’s HR Systems.

The Value of an HR Audit

  • It creates a renewed focus on consistency and standardisation and provides HR Professionals with a robust, risk-based framework to ensure an integrated, aligned and well-governed approach to auditing the National HR Standards. ·
  • It ensures that HR controls quality and consistency in accordance with the spirit of good governance as documented in King IV.
  • Audits can improve a company’s efficiency and profitability by helping the management better understand their own HR systems.
  • Management can be assured of the readiness of their HR Departments to support the business strategy.    
  • Investors,funders,shareholders,suppliers and financial auditors, are also assured that the human capital risks in their organisation are understood and effective systems (controls) are in place to manage them.
  • An HR Audit is an independent and objective report on the state of HR management processes and therefore indicate the organisational stability and sustainability from an HR perspective.

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