HR Audit Testimonials

What our Auditees say about the HR Audits

“The organisation conducted an audit to establish an independent baseline for the state of human resources and wanted to align its processes with the SABPP set standards. Thus, we have decided to embark on the embark on the audit to identify gaps and increase efficiency within HR processes. The Audit team was very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. These are the improvements after the audit:
Human Resource personnel now understand the importance of their role in the organisation.
The integration of Human Resource systems that can give more reliable, accurate and instant reports.
The importance of costing every HR activity to prove its financial impact on the bottom line.
Greater inter-departmental cooperation through service-level agreement to facilitate change and/or OD interventions.
Encourage greater employee participation in the identification of risk.”

Ms. M.F. Moleko - General Manager: Corporate Services

“The appreciation for achieving the HR Audit Certificate is recognized by the words of the CEO, Mr George Mokgothu “The one question that always came to my mind and that I could not answer with absolute confidence, is whether our HR practises, systems and processes are of such standards that we can claim professionalism and we can use strategically to build a great company and whether our HR department adds value to or decreases value from the bottom-line? This extensive audit, a first not only for our Industry but also for a Free State based company, undertaken by the reputable SABPP, allows me to say with absolute confidence that receiving this quality assurance certificate confirms the high quality of our HR systems, processes and practises. As CEO, I have always been the number one supporter of HR department because I believe that the first entry point of the right people, in the right positions is through our HR department and eventually our success at implementing our strategy rests on our people. I can now with absolute confidence say our HR practises, systems and processes are of such high standard, the department is professionally and ethically managed, and surely adds positive value to the bottom-line”

Mrs. M. van Niekerk - HR Manager