Prerequisites for the HR Auditor Training   

To become an External HR Auditor, these are the following prerequisites:

·       You must be registered with SABPP at CHRP and MHRP levels.

·       You must have attended the HR Standards workshop as day one will kick off with an exam.

·       You must have 7+ years of experience in Senior HR management.


·       Possible opportunities to work in audit teams in other organizations for external audits and when audits are secured.

·       External Consultant on HR Standards.

Should you not meet the requirements as stipulated above, you may consider the Associate HR Auditor training.


·       Must be registered with SABPP as an HRP and below.

·       Must have attended the HR Standards Training and have knowledge and understanding of the HR Standards.

·       You must have 5 years’ experience in HR (advantage)..
  • Role

    ·       In-house facilitator of the audits.

    ·       Evaluate your organisation’s readiness against the Standards.


HR Auditor Certificate

  • HR Certification Process:

    ·       Firstly, SABPP will confirm that you have participated in formative and summative assessments in a two-day HR auditor training, to develop HR audit knowledge, where the pass mark required is 60%.

    ·       The second level of the process involves the completion and submission of the HR Auditor Auditing agreements and code of ethic.

    ·       The lastly to be a certified HR Auditor, the SABPP HR Audit function requires the trained candidate to participate in a minimum of two audits as a candidate auditor. The results and performance assessments of the candidate HR Auditor by the HR audit team and Head of Department will influence the certification of an HR auditor.