Board Assessment FAQ's

In an effort to maintain the credibility of the SABPP professional registration and hold it at the same level of respect as CA by SAICA, we hereby announce the development and implementation of Board exams effective 2019. 

  • The proposed exams particularly Level 1 will enforce that universities do the right thing i.e. getting SABPP accreditation and continually maintaining it.
  • A balance will be struck between easy access to registration and market perception that SABPP registration requires high caliber of competence.

In essence, no one will be turned down from registration should they be unsuccessful on passing the Board Exams. However, individuals  might end up being registered at a lower level than applied for until the board exams requirements are adequately met. Remedial actions will also be put in place to assist the candidates in preparing for the exams.

Assessments Descriptors

Practical Scenarios

Level 1 must be passed PRIOR to registration, else the prospective member will be registered at an HRT Level 
Level 2 will not stop registration but will restrict registration or upgrade to HRT, HRA and HRP  
HRT is a default registration level for anyone who meets the minimum requirements without   writing any exams

Should you need any further clarity please contact the SABPP Office