Renewal and upgrades 


Renewal fees are payable annually. Given the size of large companies, and possible budgetary restraints, companies may either pay the fees for their staff members, or subsidies the fees for individuals as part of its retention or employee development strategies.  

Be that as it may, registered practitioners may continue with their membership even if they move from one company to the next. The professional registration of HR Professionals at SABPP is in line with the NQF Act and SAQA policy on professional bodies, and therefore formally endorses the principles of ethics, professionalism and continuous professional development.

What will happen if I fail to meet the due date for paying my renewal fee?

SABPP notes that in some cases registered HR professionals fail to renew their membership timeously, possibly due to changes in employer and/or email addresses, leading to lack of communication between the HR professional and the SABPP. It is therefore a member’s responsibility to contact SABPP of any changes with regards to their contact details. SABPP membership is valid from January to 31 December of each year. Therefore, renewal payments are due every beginning of the year.
No refunds can be claimed within the year. Should a member wish to cancel/deregister their membership, a formal request is to be submitted before January of the new year.
HR Professionals who have not renewed their membership for over two years should re-apply. In this case, they will need to complete all application forms and attach all the required documents and pay a new application fee.
a. Renewal payments outstanding and not paid after the 1st of September of the current year lead to suspension or deregistration of membership.

Upgrade process

If I register today and later improve my qualifications , experience and level of work , can my registration be upgraded to a higher level? 
Yes, certainly. The cost for application for an upgrade to a higher level of registration is a non-refundable fee. To upgrade simply log on to your profile and select " apply for upgrade " .  Attach all the required documents, any new qualifications and give us a proper motivation for the upgrade request . To find out more contact   The upgrade fee is R1000.00