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CEO Message for 2022

Quadragenneial – Ruby Jubilee for SABPP in 2022

Compliments of the season! I am so glad that you made it to 2022. The last two years have been unprecedented. COVID -19 stopped the world and changed the way we deal with work, events, homes, travelling, relationships and everything in between.

In the past two years many lives were lost, livelihood affected, and the healthcare system put under constraint.

As we progressively recover from the devastating impact of covid, we would like to choose to:

  1. Continue protecting ourselves through vaccination, use of mask, social distancing and responsible behaviour
  2. Fight for saving livelihood and the economy
  3. Open up face to face activities responsibly yet giving members a choice to attend virtually without missing anything
  4. Keep on pushing for our core-business i.e., professionalising Human Resources and transforming the workplaces.
  5. Lead on agility. The world has changed, and things may never get back to 2019. Therefore, SABPP must realise that its role
    needs to change with or ahead of the times.

    Three years ago, SABPP Board approved a new strategy called the People Factor Strategy #202030. This strategy is meant to guide SABPP and the HR Profession until 2030 with special emphasis period of three years (equivalent to the Board term). A new Board was recently constituted at the expiry of the previous Board term. Therefore, the new Board (2021 -2024) will next month convene and set up a strategy for the next three years, of course under pinned by the People Factor strategy #202030. You may want to contribute or suggest the direction SABPP must take. If you would like that please send your comments/ suggestions to

    In the meantime, its business as usual at SABPP. We want to continue or start activities that will speak to our value add and relevance. . Some of these include:

    1. 3-year Board strategy (part of the 2030 People Factor Strategy)
    2. Improved Communication and Branding keeping in touch with all relevant stakeholders and clients. (KAM)
    3. Quadragenneial – Ruby Jubilee as we celebrate our 40th Birthday this year.
    4. HR Standards Review
    5. Focussed Membership drive
    6. Income streams diversification
    7. Driving excellence in committees and volunteers. Supporting committees 100%
    8. Focus on staff well-being and development
    9. Relevant and on point solutions to members’ known and unknown needs
    10. Firming up on compliance and ethics
    11. Value adding, relevant and affordable workshops and conferences
    12. Renewed role of SABPP in the Training provider space driving quality.
    13. Operational efficiency including 5 pillars of refocus strategy
    14. Alliance intelligence for local and international partners.
    15. HR Directors Directory
    16. Making the profession fashionable and taking positions on public interest matters

    In celebrating our Ruby Jubilee (40 years) this year, we will embark on many activities aimed at   conscientising our members about the history, purpose, life and times of SABPP over the years. We will feature the forbearers, the historic highlights but more importantly, we will focus on the next 40 years.

    I would like to wish you the best in 2022. Please join us and help us make 2022 the best year yet for the globe, the continent, the country and the profession.

    SABPP Regards