Ethics Toolkit

Your Professional Ethics
Ethical leadership and adherence to the SABPP Code of Conduct are essential elements of HR professionalism. The Code of Conduct

We have a supplementary Code of Ethics especially for HR practitioners who work as consultants. This is also useful for organisations who use the services of these consultants. The Code of Ethics for Consultants

Many HR decisions and recommendations to management are complex and involve balancing of interests as well as ethical considerations. The SABPP 2015 book Ethical Competence in HR practice and is valuable to HR practitioners of all level as well as HR academics and students highlights ethical issues in the various tasks of HRM.

The SABPP has developed a series of half-day Ethics Workshops:

  • Fundamentals of HR Ethics
  • Organisational Ethics
  • Courageous Leadership

Contact us ( to arrange in-house workshops for your HR team or see our events calendar for public workshops.

Quick Test | Ethical Decision Making
A free handout summarising key points relating to HR Ethics.