Sexual Harassment Interest Group


Handling Complaints

Sexual harassment cases can be extremely complex and need to be carefully handled. Unfortunately, poor handling of complaints is all too common, and this exacerbates the disruptive and divisive impact of allegations of sexual harassment. The resources on this page should assist HR practitioners with a clear process outline and some guidance on the pitfalls and legal condundrums which might be encountered.
Included in this part of the toolkit are:

  • Article on the process framework for handling complaints Read here
  • Article on possible adaptations to disciplinary processes to accommodate sexual harassment complaints Read here
  • Podcast on the use of mediation in sexual harassment cases Listen here
  • Podcast on the concept of a restorative justice approach in sexual harassment cases Listen here
  • Article on the concept of an inquisitorial approach rather than adversarial approach in sexual harassment cases Read here
  • Podcast on legal conundrums highlighted in sexual harassment cases Listen here
  • Article on further legal condundrums Read here
  • Article on victim blaming Read more
  •  The use of Non-Disclosure Agreements Read here